Right and Wrong

Now is the Time to Understand

That all your Ideas of Right and Wrong

Were just a child’s training wheels to be laid aside ,

When you finally Live with Veracity And Love.

حافظ Khwāja Šams ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Šīrāzī, or simply Hāfez (Persian: خواجه شمس‌الدین محمد حافظ شیرازی), was a Persian mystic and poet. He was born sometime between the years 1310 and 1337.  one of the three greatest poets of the world. His lyrical poems, known as ghazals, are noted for their beauty and bring to fruition the love, mysticism, and early Sufi themes

― شمس الدین محمد حافظ /
Shams-al-Din Mohammad Hafez,
(1325 – 1389 )

Right and Wrong are Concepts in Time but Life to Love All is Dimension of Timeless Divine just Natural and Neutral. —- ram H singhal

(c) ram H singhal